Why do certification programs matter? Why should manufacturers choose certified products?
Certification programs set benchmarks for product quality. When you use certified products to manufacture finished goods, you become a better partner for your customers. Choosing certified products helps ensure the physical properties meet or exceed the quality control measures that reduce product failures and ensure customer satisfaction.

Choosing products that are certified by industry standards of quality offers several compelling reasons:
Reliability: Certified products adhere to established industry standards, which means they have been rigorously
tested and verified for their quality and performance.
Safety: Industry standards often prioritize safety, making certified products safer for consumers.
Consistency: Certification ensures that each product meets the same quality benchmarks. This consistency
means that you can expect the same level of quality each time you purchase a certified product.


CFFA-HC-201 Certification Program

The certification program helps specifiers, designers, and furniture manufacturers more easily identify appropriate coated fabrics for the healthcare environment, which may reduce product failures.

CFFA-P-101 Certification Program

The certification program allows manufacturers of continuous web chemical coated film for vinyl pool liners to certify products and license the certification mark to identify certified products.