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CFFA offers a variety of continuing education courses.

As with every industry, the design, manufacture, and use of chemical fabrics and film is always evolving. With diverse materials, markets, and applications embodying the world of PVC/vinyl, it’s important to have a central hub for emerging schools of thought.

Furthering industry knowledge and acting as a repository of archived information is a crucial component of our mission.

Earn continuing education credit and learn about the latest industry topics. Click on topics for current listings.

Separating Cool Roofing Facts From Myths

Reducing Peak Energy Demand: The Hidden Benefit of Cool Roofs

Coated Fabric Construction and Testing

Since 2018, the CFFA Performance Products Division of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association has presented what are called Campfire Presentations at the Advanced Textiles Expo (formerly Industrial Fabrics Association International Expo). The Campfire Presentations are 25-minute sessions that take place on the show floor and cover various coated fabrics topics.