Vinyl Roofing


Vinyl Roofing

Vinyl roofing membranes have permanently raised the bar in roofing specification and installation, offering
a clean, quick, safe and affordable option to alternative roofing systems. A single-ply technology employed
worldwide for more than 40 years – with a track record of performing in every conceivable and extreme
temperature condition – vinyl, or PVC, roofing membranes are a natural choice for specifiers looking for high
performance roofing systems for their building envelope and unparalleled ease of installation.

Discover the Cool Benefits of PVC (Vinyl) Roofs

PVC membrane roofing is the high-performing, low slope, single-ply roofing solution. Reflective PVC roofs have protected and kept buildings cool in climates around the world for decades. And they can be an important contributor to reduction of the urban heat island effect and its consequences such as smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

Cool roofs provide significant benefits in the hot summer months, and even taking into account winter months, the net effect is generally positive over the course of the year.

peak demand electricity reduction

cooling energy savings

net energy savings