Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association's frequently asked questions?

CFFA is the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association. It’s an international trade association representing
manufacturers of polymer-based fabric and film products used in building and construction, automotive,
fashion, and many other industries and applications.

CFFA includes many of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemical fabrics and film. Full members
manufacture and sell continuous-web chemical fabrics or film. associate members manufacture coated
fabric and film equipment, supply coated fabric and film raw materials, or provide services to coated fabric
and film producers.

They are polymer-based products processed in sheet form and either attached to a fabric backing
(to make chemical fabrics) or used without backing (to make chemical films). Member companies
of CFFA use any number of polymers to make their sheet products, including polyvinyl chloride
(PVC or vinyl) and polyurethane (PU).

The organization was established in 1927 to achieve the following objectives: To educate consumers on the
uses and benefits of chemical fabrics and film; to encourage the development and adoption of product
standards and specifications; to support research, technical, and scientific investigations; and to collect
and distribute industry statistics and trends to CFFA members. In addition to the research, marketing, and
regulatory activities of each division, CFFA also maintains active committees dedicated to technical and
environmental issues, membership, manufacturing, and other topics of interest to the industry.

The association’s members are organized into two divisions to best serve the individual needs of each enduse
market: performance products and vinyl roofing.

An opportunity to work collaboratively with other members on issues affecting the industry as a whole,
including environmental issues and government regulations. Access to meaningful market information
and discussions of industry trends. Creation of industry standards for quality. Support for research and
technical projects.